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Seed Time Money (Christian living & Personal Finances)

Apr 4, 2018

Joseph Michael of talks about what it takes to finally get started with your business idea started.

Joseph created an extremely successful online business by using his day-job lunch breaks to work on it- eliminating the excuse that so many of us use that we don’t have enough time!

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Apr 3, 2018

Carrie Rocha gave me an awesome tip on how I can save a lot more at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's markets.

In the interview we cover:

  • The 1 simple trick you can do that will yield the most savings at the grocery store
  • Why she doesn't really like couponing
  • How to save money on natural and organic foods
  • The truth about...

Apr 2, 2018

Jeff Goins discusses why you are unlikely to find your purpose. We also talk about:

  • Why hating your job is actually a good thing when it comes to discovering your purpose
  • How to find the balance between never thinking about your purpose and overthinking it
  • A practical and simple strategy that you can use to get...