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Seed Time Money (Christian living & Personal Finances)

Jul 30, 2022

A friend of ours has as amazing business that is struggling to survive and we all have the ability to prevent it. If you agree that the world is a better place with mom and pop restaurants (not just chains) then we should be voting with our dollars to make sure they continue to exist.

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Jul 27, 2022

On the first weekend of each quarter we take time to reflect back, have important conversations, pray, plan, and set goals (and rewards) for the next 12 months. This is a look at what our exact goals are and exactly how we lay out a day like this (that you can steal)  ;)



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Jul 23, 2022

For the last few years I have been doing this and it has been amazing for our business. I step out of the office and get to the 40,000 foot view to get out of the day-to-day weeds and evaluate what I want to do for the quarter and break it out week-by-week. It has been so clarifying for me and help me waste far less...

Jul 16, 2022

Money is taboo enough that when you add in Christianity to the discussion things get sticky real fast.  But it seems to us that having honest conversations about our lack of contentment and never-ending desire for more is a healthy thing to do. 

Ben Kirby (of Preachers N Sneakers fame) created an instagram account to...

Jul 9, 2022

Sometimes it's just as helpful to identify what NOT to do as what we should be doing with our money.  This episode is just that.  6 things you may have done or are currently doing that you might want to stop. 

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