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Seed Time Money with Bob & Linda Lotich

Sep 2, 2023

In this episode, we dive deep into the essential aspects of living a life that's present, intentional, and aligned with our true purpose. Today we are chatting with Mason King, the author of "A short guide to Spiritual Disciplines" about how we can steward tech in our daily lives (because it isn't going away) to have a healthier walk with God.

Here's what you'll discover:

  1. Dethroning the Digital Savior: How technology can become an addiction, and why it's essential to recognize our attention as our most precious commodity. Learn how to regain control over your digital life and break free from the dopamine loops that keep you hooked.

  2. The Journey with Technology: Personal struggles with technology and how they led to a profound realization about the importance of focus, presence, and intentionality in our lives.

  3. Strategies for Presence: From using apps like Freedom to block distractions to setting specific times for email and social media, discover practical ways to be more present with your family and in your life.

  4. Praying the Hours: A unique approach to prayer that helps you stay connected with God throughout the day, processing emotions and aligning your actions with your faith.

  5. Reading the Bible with Joy: Moving beyond the "check-off-the-box" mentality to a more intimate, face-to-face time with God through Scripture. Learn about techniques like Lectio Divina and how poetry can enrich your spiritual life.

  6. Remembering Mortality: The concept of "Memento Mori" and how keeping death in mind can lead to a more intentional and fulfilling life.

  7. Balancing Work and Family: How to set limits and boundaries to ensure that work doesn't overtake your personal life, allowing you to be fully present with your loved ones.

  8. And much more...


If you're feeling overwhelmed by the digital world, struggling to find balance in your life, or seeking a deeper connection with God, this episode is for you. Join us as we explore practical strategies, spiritual insights, and personal experiences that will inspire you to live a life of purpose and presence.

Whether you're looking for ways to enhance your prayer life or seeking practical tips to reclaim your attention from the digital world, this episode has something for you.


Links and Resources Mentioned:

  1. A short guide to Spiritual Disciplines by Mason King

  2. Freedom App

  3. George Herbert's Poetry

  4. "The Common Rule" by Justin Early

  5. "The Paraphrase of the Soul" (Poetry Anthology)

Note: This episode is perfect for those who want to honor God with their attention, be more generous with their time, and find authentic and real ways to connect with their faith and loved ones. If you're looking to make huge improvements in these areas without feeling talked down to this episode is for you.

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