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Seed Time Money (Christian living & Personal Finances)

Jan 27, 2024

Today we are chatting with Jordan Raynor, as we dive deep into his new book, "The Sacredness of Secular Work," and explore how our everyday jobs impact eternity.

I love our conversation (and think you will too) as it challenges the conventional view of work as just a means to an end and encourages us to find divine purpose in our professions.

Key Topics Discussed 🔑

  • Redefining Work in God's Kingdom: Jordan discusses how every profession, from baristas to CPAs, holds eternal significance. This challenges the notion that only 'ministry' work is meaningful for Christians.

  • Impactful Stories & Examples: Hear about individuals like Chassie, who found her calling as a hairstylist, and learn how embracing our God-given talents can lead to greater fulfillment and opportunities to witness.

  • Debunking the Great Commission Misconception: Jordan addresses the modern church's narrow interpretation of the Great Commission and its impact on believers' view of their work.

  • Eternal Rewards and their Importance: A fresh perspective on why Christians should eagerly pursue eternal rewards as instructed by Jesus.

  • The Concept of the 'Anti-Bucket List': Jordan introduces the idea of focusing on eternal priorities over worldly experiences.

  • Practical Application: How these revelations can profoundly affect our daily lives and work.


Resources Mentioned 🎯


Where to Find the Book 📖

"The Sacredness of Secular Work" is available wherever books are sold or visit for more information.


Tune in now for this inspiring episode on the SeedTime Money Podcast and redefine how you view your work and its eternal significance!

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