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Seed Time Money (Christian living & Personal Finances)

Mar 21, 2024

Today, Linda and I dive deep into a topic that's been on our minds lately: our out-of-control grocery bill. If you've ever found yourself halfway through the month with an empty grocery budget, you're not alone. Here's a glimpse into our conversation and the strategies we're implementing to save $600 per month on groceries:


🔍 Key Topics Covered: 

  • Understanding the Root Cause: We reflect on recent events like our vacation to Hawaii and how they contributed to overspending on groceries.

  • Inflation Woes: We discuss the staggering increase in food prices, with examples from our recent grocery trips.

  • Taking Control with Data: We emphasize the importance of tracking expenses using tools like Personal Capital (now Empower Personal Dashboard) or RocketMoney to gain clarity on spending patterns.

  • Snack Strategy: We share our plan to reduce spending on prepackaged snacks by opting for healthier, more cost-effective options like fruits and vegetables.

  • Strategic Shopping: We explore the benefits of sticking to one primary grocery store, focusing on cost-effective options like Costco and leveraging sales and seasonal items to save money.

  • Meal Planning Mastery: We discuss the value of meal planning to prevent impulse purchases and ensure cost-effective meals.

  • Budget Evaluation: We highlight the importance of evaluating the cost of each meal and identifying areas where savings can be maximized.



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