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Seed Time Money (Christian living & Personal Finances)

Dec 16, 2023

Even if you don't consider yourself to be a speaker, you probably are. Most of us all talk to people a LOT - from coworkers to friend groups to our families, and we can all grow in our ability to communicate.

Christy Wright is an author, certified business coach, and world-class professional speaker.

You might also know her from the decade or so she worked with Dave Ramsey's team.

So whether you are a business leader, content creator, volunteer leader, or just a leader in your household, you could probably sharpen up your speaking skills, and this episode is going to help you do that.

So earlier this year, Linda and I gave a 5-minute offering message at our church, sharing about a revelation we had about giving. In this episode, Christy is coaching us on how to make it better and improve our communication and speaking skills.

This episode was EXTREMELY high value for us, so I pray that you will get the same benefit from it that we did!

And when you are done listening, head over to Christy's website to grab her free PDF "The top 10 mistakes all speakers make" -


🔑Key Topics Covered:

  • The Importance of Effective Communication: We all communicate daily in different settings. Learn why honing this skill is crucial.

  • Overcoming Communication Challenges: Insights into common hurdles and how to navigate them effectively.

  • Practical Tips for Public Speaking: Christy breaks down strategies to improve public speaking, including body language and audience engagement.

  • Applying Communication Skills in Everyday Life: How to use these skills in regular interactions with family, colleagues, and in ministry.


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